Sugar Vs Waxing

Lasource Labs Professional Hair Removal System



All Natural

Zero chemicals or resins

Water soluble-you will never ruin your equipment, bed, floors and clients clothes (as well as yours

Will never adhere to live skin cells

Will never burn skin as it is barely lukewarm

Bacteria does not breed or survive in sugar

Natural healer to the skin

Will not damage delicate facial skin tissue from long term use

Removes hair in direction of natural growth

Very little (if any) discomfort

Superior end results

Becomes definitive

Removes hair after 2 to 3 days growth (less than 1/8”)

Will assist in diminishment of ingrown for clients who come to you with this problem

Can sugar areas with spider veins and varicose veins or diabetics and dry itch eczema

Skin is left feeling soft and clean, even before aftercare

No spatula or cotton strips ever required again

Never hardens, even if left on skin


Wax products contain resins, even ‘sugar wax’

Resins adhere to live skin cells

Very difficult to clean up–solvents are required along with tremendous effort

Can burn, bruise the skin

May burn skin when heated too hot

Bacteria breeds in wax

Damages fine tissue cells

May damage facial skin tissue over long term use

Can only be removed in opposite direction of natural hair growth

Painful to the client and traumatizing to the skin

Distorts the follicle

Tremendous amount of hair breakage resulting in early re-growth

Requires ¼” re-growth minimum

Creates ingrown problems

Cannot be treated with wax

Clients usually feel uncomfortable for a period of time

Need cotton strips and spatulas for most

Treatment must be done with time efficiency so as not to dry on skin

La Source Labs™ Professional Hair Removal System

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